LumenCache selected as core technology partner for Himalayan Energy Access program

Paras Loomba has won Global Tourism awards because the end result is Energy Access and Education Access for remove villages in the Himalayas.

BBC Click followed them to install the first LumenCache system in Leh.  Upon return, Paras shared the news of the success of the product:

“This is amazing.  We typically go 30 meters and see light levels drop.  With your system we went over 100 meters to the farthest home and there was zero light level drop.”

LumenCache CEO, Derek Cowburn, has been discussing LumenCache with Paras since 2015.  “The product has proven itself for years of reliable service in relatively tame residential and commercial environments.  It was exciting to hear the positive results of operation at 14,000 feet and -30 degrees Celsius.”


LumenCache is planned for the complete village of Sking in July 2018 connecting 31 households in a large DC/DC microgrid.