.NET Rocks discusses LumenCache and the DC Revolution

For over two years we’ve been deliberately trying to stay under the radar. It takes significant resources to rollout a product with profound global impact such as LumenCache.

Well, the cat is now out of the bag. Thankfully, the guys that untied the sack do a great job of analyzing technologies. The .NET Rocks internet audio talk show is geared toward software developers but they occasionally cover a topic they can’t resist dissecting.


The LumenCache-specific conversation starts around 25:15 but I recommend you sit back and enjoy the entire show start to finish. They astutely walk through most of the thought process and technical factors that led to the development of LumenCache.

For all you software (and hardware) developers out there, when the LumenCache Gateway Modules are released, you will have significant opportunities to make apps that interface with all the data and control points on the other side of the gateway. LumenCache is a data layer over a power layer. The gateways will support common Building Management protocols such as BACnet, Modbus, and KNX but the interface will also include rollup data and events that your cloud and local apps can subscribe to and control. The Internet of Things is very much a part of LumenCache.